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Hello Friends !!!

I’m Hari Sandeep Reddy. I hail from a rural village “Kamalapuram” and a mandal in Kadapa district in the state of Andhra Pradesh in India.Kamalapuram is especially famous for Muskmelons and Watermelons. It has huge agriculture land where in farmers will produce lot of Rice, Sunflower, Turmeric, Sugar Cane and Groundnuts.Kamalapuram is located at 14.5833°N 78.6500°E.It has an average elevataion of 134 meters (442 feet).Time zone is IST (UTC+05:30).

Our family owns 5 acres of farming land in the village and a house inherited through our ancestors. My mother is a house wife and my father is an agriculturist. My sister is post graduate in chemistry.

I did schooling my school in the village and passed 10th grade in 2001. Soon after, I have joined in 12th grade in a public college and enrolled myself in a para-military service while pursuing my studies and obtained a NCC ( National Cadet Corps ) certificate for active participation. During 2001-2003, I learnt subjects like Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry and could not secure a mere academic grade despite my rational and pragmatic thinking. This is one of the critical phase in my personal transformation which helped me to get exposed socio-economic problems in the community and rapidly grew my thinking capacity.

I found myself more passionate towards armed forces and determined to make a career in it and serve the motherland. I was so crazy those days about Army. I always dream and aim big and fail to achieve the goal due to proper effort and focus. But i’m a great planner. I strategize, But fails to execute. After unsuccessful attempts to clear the Union public service commission during my 1st year of graduation in 2004, I focused more on physics and social sciences and enriched my breadth and exposure on diversified subjects. I was always motivated to apply science to evolutionary problems and had insight on workings and advancements in science & Technology. However, I was not successful in applying the knowledge the problems i have encountered in life with the support of a sophisticated system. Because, I did’nt have adequate training in applying mathematics to social and technology problems. In this regard, I will need to strongly criticize the system and lack of quality in academics producing mediocre talent. Luckily i was not one among them. I way my own way and path to drive myself. No professor has provided me right guidance in academic life. I was a self learner throughout my schooling and college.

If we cant strive to acquire knowledge to think rationally and interpret things in a logical manner, it adversely affects your consciousness.Your are next person with Low IQ levels produced similar to a factory model to work like a robot with instructions. What is knowledge ? What makes you so passionate in life ? What drives you ahead and make you feel stay tuned to explore stuff that you are not aware ? This relentless effort pushed me to the edge and helped me to get exposed to wide variety of subjects and people.

I started looking at things in a different perspective and built a unique way of thinking to differentiate myself from others. I’m a victim of this academic setup and could not hone up my application skills in applied mathematics, computer science and electronics during my graduation. However, I have managed to get my first job in a fortune 500 company based in Hyderabad while IT industry in india booming in the years 2004-2006. I call it as golden period for aspirants who have secured job during this period. I could not sustain in the first company for not producing my graduation certificate. Soon, I was placed in Wipro Pune, an indian IT services company and spent the next 4 years working for the company in diversified roles. My analytic reasoning and rational abilities helped me to excel during my career to till date.

My interest in management and consulting demonstrated leadership capability in driving operations excellence and meeting goals and objectives through teamwork, lean manufacturing and a quality focus. Quantifiable results achieved through my interpersonal talents, and practical experience would prove immensely productive in a KPO environment.During my tenure with Wipro, I have gained vast exposure on multiple industries.

I have a positive attitude and dynamic mind. These characteristics allow me to keep pushing forward and be an integral part of the company’s driving force. I am a fast learner, which allows me to learn new skills quickly and adapt swiftly to today’s dynamic business and technology environment. I am a very good social networker and would love to build stronger people relations to strengthen my professional network on multiple business segments and technology areas.

With 8+ years in the IT & KPO industry, I can offer a specialty of skills, including:

Data Mining
Statistical Analysis
Project Management
Business Process Management
LEAN/Six Sigma

I strongly believe human contribution to smarter planet can be achieved through interconnected, instrumented and intelligent systems driving transformation and innovation. I’m focused on bridging the digital divide through networked economies.

I have worked as an Independent Consultant with IBM International Holdings B.V in Singapore to execute their Smarter Planet strategy in Energy Sector by building sophisticated Information infrastructure for analytics operations. The strategic objective of the program is to reduce carbon footprint and Green House Gas emissions at Singapore manufacturing plant leading to a smarter green building and sustainability.Designed and implemented a framework integrating lean, Six Sigma methodologies and Cognos, DB2, SPSS technologies to build Carbon, Water, Energy and Gas dashboards for better decision making and management reporting.

Finally, I have decided and highly motivated to explore knowledge and pursue my interest in Behavioral Economics & Public Policy research by laying strong emphasis on Agriculture,Environment, Social Innovation. I just started a new journey and looking forward to enjoy this journey which iam destined to…

I believe in time. It connects people in different situations and help us to understand who we are and what are we supposed to do on this earth?

I’m highly enligthened by a friend named Havi Chavvakula with his brilliant spiritual intuition and solid understanding of energy,divine,human evolution etc…He introduced me to scientific spirtuality and persuaded me to define “ME” and gain an edge over my energy and abilities of sub-conciousness mind. His confidence on me was reliable and it took 5 years to visualize the real me and my capabilities to influence things and people around me. Finally, I have envisioned my strength upon spending 48 hrs at “Shamballa Ashram”,the global power centre in Spiritual sciences.

I found intellectual,thought provoking personalities who stimulated my vision and built a spirit in me to create an impact on society. Finally, A wanderer is on track and started progressive thinking and new approach towards things and people.

It’s time to tighten my belt and show ” who am I”.

“There are infinite possibilites and opportunities around you,Look at them through your inner strenght ignited by 3rd eye”.

Hari Sandeep Reddy


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