How to deal with complex uncertain times ?

I’m highly inspired by the statement,” Life was given to us a billion years ago. Now you know what to do with it”, a quote extracted from the sci-fiction movie named LUCY. Today we know more about what is happening in the world than ever before and are experiencing dynamic changes globally. Let me put a crucial question here: Is our brain tolerant to address, interpret, assess, and visualize complex socio economic political structures of varied cultures and diversified communities built on creativity, innovation, competitiveness? Do we have significant exposure on paradigm shift on business-technology landscape and its complex behavior? Are we adept in embracing latest happenings and advances to our knowledge? Does our mental capacity allow us to take risk under ambiguity and uncertain conditions striving for excellence? Are we evolving continuously to cope up, thrive, sustain in ever seen complex phenomenon. I strongly presume our cognitive functions to be redefined and engineered to process ‘innovative thoughts and creative ideas’ to harness the ‘power of mind’ and leverage good results for betterment of our lives.
How do we do it ?
A unique differentiator about human beings is, We think logically, We reason to understand relationships and hidden patterns pertaining to a problem or an event. We demonstrate intellectual capabilities acquired throughout our life to overcome it. To challenge unknown, unforeseen, unidentified obstacles and overcome with plausible solution is real answer for all of the problems around us to better sustain risk in daily or professional life. To do so, one need to generate insights for better decision making under optimized conditions. Here, I’d like to ask myself if I’m being rational to draw inferences arguing various statements posed by physical world that subject my logic to support or reject the validity of truth in reality. In this scenario, what are the various psychological perceptions created in me to have a deep look into nature and it’s behavior? In this regard, we establish various notions about physical world and act accordingly.
Are my mental strengths adequate to sustain demanding markets with existing skills and talents? In this scenario, I shall ask myself, Am I aware of things? Am I reflecting conscious efforts consistently to awake my inner potential of high caliber leading to spectacular results. I often ask to me, hey are you missing anything in order to introspect on what should be added to excel further. As I say, it is highly rewarded and regarded, if you are an independent thinker. Aren’t you?
We are not bounded to time and space. Why think, I have too many constraints that are refraining my progress. I’d say we are naturally unbounded in nature driven by comprehensive systems. Where do I fit in this universe if I’m unbiased to the events occurring periodically? It is always ‘curiosity’ that drives us ahead to pursue frightening problems evolving at infinite momentum. “There are infinite opportunities around us awaiting to be embraced. We desire to succeed with our wisdom and knowledge. So we are”. As I see, there are hindrances at regular intervals that cause chaos among human beings. The problems related to us are no more external given current socio economic conditions. It is deeply inward and without solving the complex, the issues pertaining outward phenomena has little significance.
AFAIK, one doesn’t require to think like a scientist rather act as change agent taking predictive measures to avoid potential threats, risks, vulnerable conditions before they occur with informed decisions at a dynamic pace. To demonstrate such capability leading to self realization, it is every individual responsibility to showcase their intuitive abilities where and when required during problem solving process. “When we succeed in this journey, it is general sensitivity of audience that applauds us. However, at the same time, should we not succeed, we will have to face the real world and its actual behavior.” Hypothetically asking self, am I responsible for the series of unsuccessful events? I’d say yes for not training our brain to tackle such events while equipping with right arsenal to fight in the war of competition. In war, a soldier is covered by shields to protect himself from the enemy. Here I’d like to correlate this to our life and let us introspect if we are geared up if any complex uncertain event occurs.
It is always exciting to learn, understand and interpret the dynamics of ever changing minds in society, business and markets today. But for me, Yes it is indeed a great opportunity to explore further more deeper and extract insights to act rational and take superior choices over others. A common human tendency to examine things directly and conclude without any formal validation resembles his or her irrational behavior. Such rational or irrationality depends upon his/her distinctive thought process. What would be the fundamental motivation behind general perception towards an interaction that influences decision making and relationships in modern world?
Intriguing in nature yet dominating rational choice at times to narrow down decision making process. Why? Is it required to do so? I’m a mere human being with usual emotions where i can empathize with others. Do we conceive positive or negative perceptions naturally or are these generated based on specific scenarios or circumstances? Should there exist absolute motivation to perform a job with passion, courage and great humility, One can experience tremendous success in his/her chosen path. However, auto pilot does. We navigate through all and build our intellectual thoughts on top of it. Have I been defined or driven by an ultimate purpose for life with conviction to achieve desired results. Are we transferring positive vibes into this universe and accepting the same? Are these vibes sensory in nature? Indeed Yes, our emotions.
A feeling, warmth, empathy, love, esteem, respect, caring, generosity can be transformed into positive affirmations and make us strongly convicted in life towards others irrespective of time and space. Animals may not exhibit the same. What is the basic difference among them and us? It is strong reasoning and logic that sets apart thus makes humans beautiful minds. So we are capable enough to transform our thinking and adapt to circumstances relevant to us and act wisely.
Understanding individual choices over others certainly gives an edge to put a theory forth to visualize perceptions and natural intent reflecting their emotions. Is It possible to validate quality of an individual in terms of emotional quotient?
The ultimate essence and the crux in life is to leverage your abilities is to dive deeper to seek answers prudently. Persuasion is key to raise the spirits of life and fill with immense energy. “Not my circus. Not my monkey” A ring master entertains but a task master executes and ends with profits. It is trivial in nature me comparing to a circus and monkey, however ‘smarter decisions at right time and in right place’ shall always pay off. Here, circus can be compared to competition and monkey as a job. How you train yourself to compete at various platforms equipped with sophisticated ‘tools and techniques’ can be intriguing yet rewarding life as a winner.
I confess I learn from my failures and mistakes and won’t hesitate to take inputs from smarter and ideological people I come across in profession and daily life. A continuous learner emphasizes more on research aptitude and sharing knowledge with others. It is ideal way to validate one’s talents among communities. What is a true criterion to align our talents to professional objectives? I’d like to narrate an example ,
Person A has one 1 Apple, Person B has one 1 Apple. If both persons exchange with each other. Still they have the same apples with them. In the sense, there is no change in color, size and quality of apple. Now let us assume that Person A has one 1 Apple and Person B has one 1 Mango equating it to two different items in both hands of the people. Correlating it to knowledge sharing, We can exchange multiple ideas and thoughts among ourselves.
The stimulus that spur radical thought forms transmitting abundant energy can be channeled through affirmative action’s. But offering extended courtesy does help in inculcating true spirit for others. I believe in being compassionate to others.
I have the passion to analyze, visualize, articulate my thoughts in the form of emotions. So there are varied thought forms and energy levels. Knowledge driven research, observation, evaluation ,validation of cognitive abilities which gives us rational inputs for better decision making. Let us talk to self since you are the best critic in this world for you. Time to tighten the belt and move the ball from the comfort zone.
One can be a keen observant by choice infused natural emotions. I behave so Iam. We have infinite power and limitless energy. Why bound???


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