Hiring DevOps professionals for bangalore location.

Hiring devops professionals for bangalore location.

Client: OLACABS.

Requirement: Devops Engineer.
(Should have exp in Devops with Linux, Automation, scripting Languages(Any), MySQL, Networking Knowledge)
Exp: (4 – 10) YRS

Job Location: Bangalore.

Salary: Open

Position : PE1/PE2 (Data Operations Engineering)


1. Manage/automate the administration of new and existing data systems, via scripting and tools development.
2. Implement new methods for system deployment, monitoring, management and automation.
3. Devise schemes to transfer, monitor, and verify terabytes of data are moved from diverse locations, securely and reliably.
4. Real-time problem diagnosis/resolution on live systems.
5. Monitor grid health and performance, use critical thinking to find areas for improvement
6. Document processes, grids, systems, and their associated configurations


1. In depth Linux/Unix knowledge, good understanding the various linux kernel subsystems (memory, storage, network etc).
2. DNS, TCP/IP, Routing, HA & Load Balancing.
3. Configuration management using tools like CFEngine, Puppet or Chef or Ansible.
4. Apache Hadoop (optional)
5. SQL and NoSQL databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB and HBase.
6. Build and packaging tools like Jenkins and RPM/Yum.
7. HA and Load balancing using tools like the Elastic Load Balancer and HAProxy.
8. Monitoring tools like Nagios or similar.
9. Log management tools like Logstash/Syslog/ElasticSearch or similar.
10. Metrics collection tools like Ganglia, Graphite, OpenTSDB or similar.
11. Agile Project Management.
12. Amazon Web Services.
13. Programming in a high level language like Python or Ruby. Experience with a JVM language like Java/Clojure/Scala is a plus.
14. Working with Git, various git workflows.


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