Thought Engineering

All of us have, at some point, experienced the need to be able to improve our – decision making, problem solving, planning, organizing, presentation, communicating, retention, recalling skills.All these concerns are, as you would appreciate, related to the ‘Brain’ & its usage.

‘Mind Maps’ is the simplest & easiest way to improve the effective working of the Brain – eventually leading to an improvement in handling these (& many other) concerns.Knowing our inherent Strength & building up on it – ensures that we excel in whatever we do….but first – assess the levels of each of our Multiple Intelligence.

To build a state of art of enterprise that meets global expectations and sets standards, It is essential that every organization should actively promote programs nurturing employee’s ‘Multiple Intelligences’ and their relevance in the work place. If we can align the cognitive levels of every individual with enterprise goals and objectives, We can sustain for longer period in the market and generate revenues two fold. Hence it is evident that there should a measurement and assessment criteria for a intelligent enterprise.

I believe a ” Thought Engineering” Lab would help to incubate innovative ideas and transform them into action.


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