Employment for younger generation

Governments should focus on survival of businesses by creating an environment suited for it’s sustainability. Ideally, it should not claim that it has created millions of jobs by showcasing labor statistics on their political agenda. Reforms are essential in policy formulation and design in order to innovate in public well being.If any business can generate employment and create jobs, it is a sign of positive growth in business ecosystem and it adds more value to the state economic growth.This purely depends on the leaders who represent us in the state legislative bodies.Unfortunately, we could not choose a right leader with high intellect and passion to drive change and lead to transformation in our lives and change in social culture and customs.

It is very essential for any local governments to attract potential investors and provide them infrastructure and required amenities to run their global businesses with local resources fueling growth in state’s per capita income and GDP. Is it happening in present environment? Who are accountable for this slow progress in development activities. Firstly,We will need to curse and criticize ourselves rather than yelling on our politician’s inefficiency.

How many of working professionals are spending to time to impart knowledge to the new generations and willing to share their experiences ? None right !

Why should one help others ?

What is it in for me ?

Have you ever thought of mentoring a single individual and making sure he excels at work ? Not Yet ……

Let me initiate it first, rather than questioning others. At least, few of desirous people will be benefited from me. I’m motivated and would love to share my knowledge without selfishness and any commercial interest. It gives me immense satisfaction and pleasure helping others to excel in their lives.

Why i cant i be a change agent by utilizing my skills and knowledge to empower people who are in need of knowledge and passion to excel in life ?

Build capability in people and that fuels economic growth. I strongly believe in this.

They may not be aware of their infinite energy and talents in them. Let me awake their spirit and stimulate their passion to ROCK ON…

Here is my approach..

1.Identification of smart and hardworking person who is ready to strike.

2. Assist financially to support academic needs.

3. Train analytically and build an instinct to kill hard targets.

4. Mentor and groom to be a competent professional

5. Set direction and path for their life.

Isn’t it enough to spark the bright talents and help them to secure a job in Corporate. Definitely yes, it adds value to the society. They are the taxpayers for tommorow.

Skills are essential to succeed in this competition.

I know how to cut it down and penetrate faster than others. I have strategy. I need courageous,dynamic and smart people.

Is anyone ready to fight ? I can help and support them.

One’s ultimate success depends on building capability in others to succeed.

Efficiency matters !!!


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