Search Relevance

Google is another stupid search engine ranking webpages based on keyword’s relevance on websites by building statistical algorithms to fine tune the search results.It is not capable of retrieving specific knowledge based content allowing it’s users to go beyond knowledge exploration in the infinite space. All it does is, sorting and ranking the webpages based on the search criteria returning top webpages rather than fetching real time content specific to user’s request in a natural environment. Undeniable fact about Google is it’s core engineering teams are working on machine learning,statistics,mathematics,AI etc to process the search requests much faster and retrieve valued content. However, the search results are static and dynamically could not adapt to changing user’s preferences.Google’s engineers are great. But, we will need to adapt and survive in this cutthroat competition.

It has done a phenomenal job in disseminating information on web. However, Natural Search should evolve now and retrieve accurate content from interconnected websites or enterprises.

For ex : I was watching a debate on a national news channel at 9 PM and tried to search in parallel to understand a person’s profile on google who was already a eminent expert in Nuclear Science. There was a ongoing debate for next 30 minutes and it was a topic of national interest.However, Google could not return 80% of it’s results relevant to the profile searched on it’s web.

Is this due to improper training of system to understand natural queries and process it and return the results to a user or lack of infrastructure to handle billions of requests on it’s search platform.

Voice search and natural text processing takes front seat in next decade.


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