Are you quitting your job ?

Surveys say 80% of employees leave their bosses. But surveying organizations never publish their models and metrics on what basis they have build such attrition models. I worked with no of “Worse” bosses. I have struggled alot. But i learnt a great stuff from them.However, I have managed my relationship with them meeting enterprise goals. But they could not utilize me to the fullest of my capacity. The potential failure in the management system is to identify right talent and align for company’s objectives. I was always passionate to explore stuff and excel in what i do. The ultimate reason behind attrition is behavior. The second reason is your boss’s inefficiency of identifying your strengths.

If your boss can mentor you and direct you in a right path, Why would an employee leave him ? I can clearly see the gap in mentee and mentor relation is not that serious. Boss is not taking the role of a mentor..If he cant motivate and influence his employee, He may not extract the best from them. Also, It is very essential for a boss to manage people relations in a sensitive manner.Otherwise, it creates disaster in understanding each other. I strongly feel behavioral issues and poor talent management leads to quitting a job. Both parties should initiate “learning” from each other’s experiences and build strong relationship at work. It should not be a one way process. Participation is key in building successful relationships. One may quit “X” company for the sake of satisfying his ego, Can he expect super kool boss in “Y” company ? What if the same environment exists….


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